Surviving Three (Bummer) Realities of the Workplace

Later this summer, I’ll be turning 30. I graduated from college eight years ago. And yes, I’m starting to find gray hairs. But on a lighter note … Now that I have almost a decade of work experience under my belt (which is now a few notches looser), I’ve realized there are a handful of lessonsContinue reading “Surviving Three (Bummer) Realities of the Workplace”

Seek Meekness in the Age of the Guru

Over the past couple years, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon online and through social media. Maybe you’ve noticed it, too. Seemingly out of nowhere, we have entered into a new age of the internet: The age of the guru. Almost every week I receive an invite to sign up for an email newsletter or subscribeContinue reading “Seek Meekness in the Age of the Guru”

Rock Stars Need Amazing Grace, Too

Recently two major musicians made announcements and career changes that I find very interesting, and they may serve as an important wake-up call for us believers. Earlier this year, the metalcore group Underoath announced a comeback album and accompanying tour. The group had taken a highly publicized hiatus in 2013, but they recently returned toContinue reading “Rock Stars Need Amazing Grace, Too”

Learn to Stretch Your “Ought” Muscles

I have really strong “ought” muscles. Just like having huge biceps, living with these ought muscles is both a blessing and a curse. And I would know, because I also have huge biceps. Or, at least I ought to. Let me explain: My eyes and my heart are often strongly drawn toward injustice. When IContinue reading “Learn to Stretch Your “Ought” Muscles”

Learning from the “Bad Guy” in “Black Panther”

The latest release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been surrounded by buzz and excitement for months — and rightfully so. Unlike other Marvel movies, “Black Panther” brought in new audiences and purposely broke the mold of a typical superhero movie. For the first time, a young black man was the focus of a majorContinue reading “Learning from the “Bad Guy” in “Black Panther””

When Headlines Leave You Weary

A full week has passed now since the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people died, and our nation is once again grieving and trying to process how to move forward. For most of us reading this, school shootings and absurd acts of violence have been an ongoing part of our childhood and youngContinue reading “When Headlines Leave You Weary”