Seek Meekness in the Age of the Guru


Over the past couple years, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon online and through social media. Maybe you’ve noticed it, too. Seemingly out of nowhere, we have entered into a new age of the internet: The age of the guru.

Almost every week I receive an invite to sign up for an email newsletter or subscribe to a YouTube channel or like a new Facebook page or listen to a podcast from an acquaintance who has an exciting new business opportunity or has decided to become a “coach.”

Especially since I’m a writer and work in marketing, I get bombarded with these things all the time. I routinely get invited to seminars and video series guaranteeing to “exponentially grow my platform” and coach me into becoming a high-level influencer.

Since I work at a church, I get email newsletters (that I don’t remember signing up for) with “7 secrets every leader needs to grow a ministry” and “9 new trends your church needs to adopt today” and “12 things I did that BLEW UP my ministry to inner-city balloon artists!” (See what I did there?)

Read the full post on Boundless here.

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