About me

I’m an organized creative and an extroverted introvert. I hear there are very few of those.

I’m a media director by day and writer/Netflix-binger/neighborhood-jogger by night. I have a semi-unhealthy addiction to Mountain Dew that I unsuccessfully try to eliminate every couple months.

Career-wise, I’m an experienced writer, designer, and video producer. However, I think my biggest and most important skill is strategic digital communication. I have a specific desire to work with ministries and organizations focused on helping others. I have experience and a good track-record of taking their most important messages and re-packaging them in a medium and using language that is most appropriate and most effective for their target audience.

My wife Tillie is my best friend and we have a lot of fun together. She teaches music classes to little kids and it’s a perfect job for her. You can usually find her dancing in the street and singing her sentences.

Before working at my church I also worked for a large ministry and my alma mater. I have a couple degrees from Sterling College and Regent University.

I’ve had a few articles published here:

I’d love to get to know you! Shoot me an email or find me on just about every social network. Thanks for stopping by!

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