Giving God Control of My Career

I’m one of those crazy weirdos who actually likes work. Well … let me rephrase that: Sometimes I hate work, but in general, work comes naturally to me. I understand it. Relationships are messy, and I’m not super good at leisure time. But with work, there are clear expectations. Come at this time. Complete thisContinue reading “Giving God Control of My Career”

Tidy Up From the Inside Out

A few years ago if you would have told me the hottest, trendiest show on Netflix today would be a show about “tidying up,” I would have thought you were crazy. There is so much content on streaming platforms these days — some of it’s even nominated for Oscars. And we’re watching people clean? SandraContinue reading “Tidy Up From the Inside Out”

Stamping Out Cynicism

In my job at a local church, I regularly interact with older people. Sometimes we just chat before a church event. Sometimes I help put together details for a loved one’s memorial service. Sometimes I’m simply their best option for free tech support (“Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?”). My interactionsContinue reading “Stamping Out Cynicism”

The “Serial” Podcast and God’s Heart for Justice

Back in 2014, I started hearing a bunch of hubbub around a popular new podcast called “Serial.” In the 12-part series, a journalist from Chicago dives deep into a murder case in Baltimore from 1999. The true story includes crazy twists and turns, and much of her research seemed to point to a possible wrongfulContinue reading “The “Serial” Podcast and God’s Heart for Justice”

Are We Entering a New Era of Christian Music?

As I’ve written before, I have a weird relationship with “Christian” music. There were seasons in my life where that was all I listened to, and I absolutely loved it. I bought every Michael W. Smith album (literally), waited in line to meet Nicole C. Mullen and was usually wearing a Hawk Nelson tshirt. IContinue reading “Are We Entering a New Era of Christian Music?”

What We Can Learn from Colin Kaepernick

A few weeks have passed now since the media maelstrom surrounding the Nike/Colin Kaepernick controversy took over the Internet. This story has taken the predictable trajectory I’ve come to expect with things like this: Big news breaks, everyone overreacts and gets angry on Twitter, and eventually we settle down and make Dwight Schrute parody memes.Continue reading “What We Can Learn from Colin Kaepernick”

Is the Bible Worth Reading?

This article originally appeared in the July/August issue of Christian Leader magazine. I co-wrote it with my Lead Pastor, Brent Warkentin. Reading the Bible can be (very) hard. Even for seasoned believers, certain sections of Scripture can seem to have very little cultural relevance to our lives today. Other parts feel repetitive, and some versesContinue reading “Is the Bible Worth Reading?”