Dear Artists, We Need You


I remember going to concerts all the time when I was in high school. Whether it was Switchfoot or Hawk Nelson or TobyMac or any of those bands that good little Christian teenagers are supposed to like, I fondly remember singing along and jumping around, soaking up the fun energy.

These days I seem to have considerably less time and disposable income (not to mention my dad-knees that probably don’t jump as effectively), so my concert outings are now few and far between.

Last weekend though, my wife and I got a babysitter so we could go see two of my favorite bands: Johnnyswim and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. The show itself was fantastic, but I had a few other takeaways I didn’t expect.

At one point in the show, one of the vocalists from Johnnyswim brought the music down to an acoustic strum, and he quietly but passionately repeated a handful of words (that weren’t in the original song) to an audience soaking up his every word…

Read the full post on Boundless here.

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