Tidy Up From the Inside Out


A few years ago if you would have told me the hottest, trendiest show on Netflix today would be a show about “tidying up,” I would have thought you were crazy.

There is so much content on streaming platforms these days — some of it’s even nominated for Oscars. And we’re watching people clean? Sandra Bullock is paddling down white water rapids wearing a blindfold. Every comedian you’ve ever heard of has a comedy special — and they’re getting coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. People are making really horrible cupcakes on “Nailed It!” “The Office” is even on there — like, all of it. And I’m watching people clean?

Yes, I, too, got sucked into the polar vortex (or maybe that’s something else) of Marie Kondo. “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” is apparently starting a revolution of people vertically stacking their folded shirts, putting all their silverware in tiny boxes and “sparking joy” in every room they enter.

It’s hard to argue with the results. A clean and organized house is refreshing. Our lives are complicated enough, so putting things away appropriately and living in an attractive home is appealing.

As great as that process is and as weirdly binge-worthy Marie Kondo’s show is, I started to realize that maybe I could use some tidying in other areas of my life.

Read the full post on Boundless here.

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