Fear and love and different.

Wherever you stand politically, I think you’d agree that today is a tough and frustrating and difficult day. Even if your candidate came out victorious last night, it’s clear that good people around our country are sad and hurt and angry and scared and divided. We’re all weary, and I think it’s safe to sayContinue reading “Fear and love and different.”

What dc Talk Taught Us About Marketing

Toby, Michael, and Kevin, (maybe not) just between you and me, I’ve got something to say. As most of the Internet knows by now, just over a week ago the official dc Talk Facebook page changed their cover photo to a cryptic graphic that simply said “2017.” The following day, a new post alerted theContinue reading “What dc Talk Taught Us About Marketing”

Fear & Gravy (aka I wrote a book)

04/06/16 update: Just to clarify, the book isn’t available quite yet, but you can learn more and download a free chapter here! Fear is a very real thing. It’s easy to be afraid of snakes and ISIS and Donald Trump, but there’s also a different kind of fear that I’ve been wrestling lately: The fearContinue reading “Fear & Gravy (aka I wrote a book)”

Heroes Don’t Hide: Leadership Lessons from Luke Skywalker

This article was originally published in the Christian Leader magazine. I have to admit: I’m a very casual Star Wars fan. I can’t really tell you anything about Count Dooku, but I am pretty sure I’m supposed to hate Jar Jar Binks. With that said, I did enjoy the latest Star Wars movie. Even ifContinue reading “Heroes Don’t Hide: Leadership Lessons from Luke Skywalker”

Prince of Peace

This devotional originally appeared in Sterling College’s 2015 Advent devotional. Isaiah 9:6-7 I typically try to avoid talking about politics, but it’s hard for me to read this passage without drawing parallels to our current election cycle. The prophet Isaiah (hundreds of years before Jesus was born) prophesied that one day a Savior would riseContinue reading “Prince of Peace”

Thankful in the Age of ISIS

So far I’ve purposely remained pretty quiet online about the recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, Nigeria, Baghdad, Turkey, Chicago, and everywhere else. Because of my profession, I’ve learned it’s better for me to not broadcast my initial knee-jerk reaction when big news breaks. I’ve been asked to defend and explain specific tweets and blog postsContinue reading “Thankful in the Age of ISIS”

Since people seem to care about logos this week…

I’ve had an idea for a while now where I would occasionally blog about my work and our processes within the Creative Arts team at First MB Church. Don’t get me wrong; we definitely don’t have everything figured out, and sometimes my/our work is less-than-stellar. Trust me. At the same time, over the past fewContinue reading “Since people seem to care about logos this week…”

Make A Pirate Ship Instead

Doug Dietz designs medical imaging equipment. I’m sure he’s brilliant. I think you have to be if you design MRI machines. In my mind, I would guess people like Doug wear white lab coats and goggles while carefully mixing chemicals in labs somewhere. Math and science and equations and parabolas and beakers sound necessary. Brilliant work,Continue reading “Make A Pirate Ship Instead”