Being as Creative as “The Greatest Showman”

About a week ago, my wife and I saw the new movie “The Greatest Showman.” In the days that followed, I found myself listening to the soundtrack all day, every day. When a chance for a babysitter came up a few days later, we went to see it again. Something about that movie really capturedContinue reading “Being as Creative as “The Greatest Showman””

Guys, Shut Up and Listen

Good communication is key to any relationship. If you’re talking with your girlfriend or husband or boss or friend or even a stranger on the street, you’ll never make much progress or maintain a healthy relationship if you can’t communicate effectively. I have two degrees in communication, so let me impress you with my vastContinue reading “Guys, Shut Up and Listen”

What We Can Learn From Google’s “Year in Search”

I’ve always been a sucker for lists. Even before listicles and Buzzfeed took over the internet, I remember sitting by my radio as a child listening to the year-end “Top 100 Countdown,” trying to guess the year’s top songs. There’s something fun, nostalgic and maybe even therapeutic about looking back at year’s end and takingContinue reading “What We Can Learn From Google’s “Year in Search””

Stop Going to Church (But Don’t Stop Going to Church)

Lately, the pastors at my church have been a little more vocal than usual about reaching out to our neighbors. Especially around major holidays, they often give reminders and share specific opportunities to invite guests who may not yet follow Jesus. This past Easter, we had a specific campaign that challenged our congregation to thinkContinue reading “Stop Going to Church (But Don’t Stop Going to Church)”

Netflix, “Stranger Things” and Compassion Fatigue

By now, many of you have probably watched season two of “Stranger Things” on Netflix. Don’t worry: There are no spoilers here — except I really didn’t expect to see that beach scene with Kevin Bacon in the Upside Down. (That didn’t happen.) If you’ve been watching the series, maybe you’ve had similar thoughts andContinue reading “Netflix, “Stranger Things” and Compassion Fatigue”

Why Even “Bad” Christian Music Is Good for You

If you are what you eat, then I’m usually a Beefy Nacho Loaded Griller from Taco Bell. Yes, my “dad bod” is coming in quite nicely. As true as that saying may be, lately I’ve put some thought into what I listen to. In my little world, music is always playing. If I’m at work,Continue reading “Why Even “Bad” Christian Music Is Good for You”

Equality and Action Figures

“Whoa! I didn’t know you were a nerd!” I’ve heard that statement more times than you might imagine, and, yes, it’s true. I am a nerd. But not one of those pocket-protector nerdy nerds. I’m a cool nerd. When you walk into my office, you’ll notice typical office-y things until you turn a corner andContinue reading “Equality and Action Figures”

How to Develop a Communications Playbook for Your Church

This article was originally published by Church Marketing Sucks & Courageous Storytellers, where I also did a video interview with Mark MacDonald. Check them out! (You will need a Courageous Storytellers subscription to watch the video… but it’s just so totally worth it!) Let me tell you a story. When I started my job atContinue reading “How to Develop a Communications Playbook for Your Church”

The Intensive Conference: Full of Nuggs and People Who GET It.

I spent some time in St. Louis this week attending The Intensive conference, a gathering of creative people around the country ALL ABOUT CHURCH COMMUNICATIONS. I’ll be honest: This trip came at a good time for me. I don’t care what career you’re in (… that sounds mean. I do care), it gets hard andContinue reading “The Intensive Conference: Full of Nuggs and People Who GET It.”