I have the same problem as Michael Jordan

Lately I’ve felt a heavy load of clutter in my life. There is always so much stuff. Sometimes that takes form in projects at work, sometimes there are freelance projects that seem more complicated than they’re worth, and sometimes I hate having to try so hard to just relax with my wife without my phoneContinue reading “I have the same problem as Michael Jordan”

The Performance Trap

This article was originally published in the August issue of Sunday Magazine.   If smart phones have taught us anything, it’s that “more” is always possible. It’s getting harder and harder to completely disengage from work and unplug from people requesting increased production. For people like me in the emerging generation, many of us told ourselvesContinue reading “The Performance Trap”

The Danger of Waiting for Your Dream Job

This article was originally published by RELEVANT Magazine.   I have a really cool job. I daily get to practice the skills that I studied for years in school. If you told 16-year-old me what I get to do every day, I think he would have been pretty stoked. While all of this is true,Continue reading “The Danger of Waiting for Your Dream Job”

Beauty, Trust and PowerPoint Slides

This article was originally published in the July/August 2014 issue of Christian Leader Magazine.   Does it matter what fonts you use in your church PowerPoint slides? Why do I spend days—and nights—working on a sanctuary stage design? Why spend hours editing video when many people would be fine with the raw footage? I doContinue reading “Beauty, Trust and PowerPoint Slides”

Hungry for Hope

This article was originally published in the February/March 2014 issue of Christian Leader Magazine   When I first heard about the best-selling book series, The Hunger Games, I thought the title sounded like something a bunch of junior high boys would play at the lunch table. Then I was told it was a new fictionContinue reading “Hungry for Hope”

“Balance” is a Stressful Word

Like many other people, I took a few days off work after Christmas to spend time with friends and family. The break was marvelous. Taking time to travel, read, relax, and reconnect with people close to you is incredibly important and very rewarding. Sadly, breaks are called “breaks” for a reason, and eventually the realContinue reading ““Balance” is a Stressful Word”

Be Awesome Instead.

This flight safety video will probably be the best video you see this week. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. You read it correctly. A video explaining how to put on a seatbelt is incredibly entertaining and has SIX MILLION views on YouTube. On most flights I’ve been on, the bored flight attendantContinue reading “Be Awesome Instead.”