Why Tony Dungy deserves a fist pump

The other day I was at the gym running on a treadmill and surfing through channels on the wall of TVs in front of me. I happened to pause on a certain channel to hear a televangelist sharing very strong opinions about Christian parents who let their kids attend public schools. He didn’t have veryContinue reading “Why Tony Dungy deserves a fist pump”

Proof that Thor reads my blog

A while back I wrote a post about how I wanted to work at being good instead of becoming great (did I mention you can buy that book on Amazon now?!). It is still a goal I struggle with sometimes, but I think it’s an important thought for all of us to consider. A coupleContinue reading “Proof that Thor reads my blog”

What I learned while using my first power tools

Once upon a time, I built a pinewood derby car. It looked kind of cool, but it wasn’t very fast. About ten years went by, and I didn’t create much of anything with my hands (except for anything I could do with a pencil or mouse). Four months ago, I started a new job thatContinue reading “What I learned while using my first power tools”

How to help 45,000 people while reading ME on Kindle!

If we’re friends on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen posts about my recent blog post being included in a great new project by an organization called CausePub. I found out last week that my post “Great < Good” was chosen to be published in their first book project called Couch Rebels. Being a publishedContinue reading “How to help 45,000 people while reading ME on Kindle!”

Don’t Make a New Years Resolution

Gyms are full today. Across America, people are watching “The Biggest Loser” while panting along on treadmills. I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that chocolate sales are down so far in 2013. People are probably reading more books and eating fewer McRibs. January is a mystical month that has a strange powerContinue reading “Don’t Make a New Years Resolution”

Should You Adopt the “New” MySpace?

Nearly a year ago, I remember arriving to a movie theatre for a midnight premiere of a new film. Soon after I got a drink and sat down, I pulled out my phone to check in on Foursquare. I shared my excitement and anticipation with friends on Facebook, and (just in case it would oneContinue reading “Should You Adopt the “New” MySpace?”

Adventures in… Starting Over

Sometimes you just have to take a step of faith. And sometimes, you have to leap. And sometimes, you just have to plunge. Totally submersed. Eyes-closed-cheeks-flapping-in-the-wind-heart-racing plunge. About a month ago, I was working as the Production Coordinator for Focus on the Family’s TV show called Your Family Live. I’d been working on the showContinue reading “Adventures in… Starting Over”

Marriage is a good thing.

If you’re beginning to consider marriage, I’m guessing you – like me – never feel a shortage of advice from the people around you. Everyone has an opinion about your relationship and your potential spouse, and some of them are strangely passionate about “helping” you make that big decision. Many married couples (and other singles)Continue reading “Marriage is a good thing.”