How to help 45,000 people while reading ME on Kindle!

If we’re friends on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen posts about my recent blog post being included in a great new project by an organization called CausePub. I found out last week that my post “Great < Good” was chosen to be published in their first book project called Couch Rebels.

ImageBeing a published author has always been a  dream of mine, so I am so excited to be included in this project. Not only am I excited for that honor, but I also love the publishing process CausePub has chosen. A portion of the profits from every book sold will go to Blood:Water Mission to provide clean water for people who don’t have any.

They’re kind of like the Toms Shoes of book publishing. Sorta.

The book will be released on Amazon August 14, and they’re taking pre-orders now. The ebook costs $10 and each purchase leads us one step closer to the goal of providing clean drinking water for 45,000 people for an entire year.

Want to own a copy of my first published book? Want to make a difference in a really sweet way? Want to ride a narwhal?

Unfortunately I can’t help you with that last one, but I’d be grateful for your support with the other two. Check it out today and consider buying a copy of the ebook. Or two or five or 12.

Thanks for your support, guys!

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