Be Grateful For Your Dead Grass


My wife and I are in the process of buying a new house. If you’ve ever gone through this before, you know it can be a pretty huge and daunting task. Finding the right house is a pretty big challenge by itself, but then you get to do all sorts of fun things with insurance and warranties and inspections and appraisals and roofers and electricians — and who even knows what escrow actually is?

For our little family, this move is an exciting blessing. Ever since we had our first kiddo six months ago, we realized how quickly we outgrew our space. Babies don’t actually take up that much square footage, but my goodness they actually kind of do! When I start daydreaming of what our lives will be like with a basement and an extra bedroom and actual storage space, I get pretty giddy with excitement.

But then,

  • I remember the backyard is full of dead grass and weeds.
  • We’ve never had a basement, but this one is kind of small.
  • Our bedroom has its own bathroom, but the door is in an annoyingly inconvenient spot.
  • The kitchen is fine, but it sure would be nice to have better countertops.

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