A Case for Hometown Pride


I’ve lived in Kansas most of my life. If you’ve never been to Kansas, let’s save some time and get all the jokes out of the way:

  • No, there aren’t tornadoes every day.
  • I don’t own any ruby slippers and have yet to see a flying monkey.
  • We actually have buildings and highways in the midst of the wheat and corn.
  • We do have electricity and Wi-Fi and Starbucks and cars and high-definition TVs.
  • Locals won’t laugh if you make a “not in Kansas anymore” joke.

Yes, to most of the world, my home state is one you typically drive through and fly over. I get it: We don’t have mountains or beaches or huge cities or noteworthy landmarks. I remember kind of despising my hometown of Wichita growing up. Compared to the rest of the world, Wichita seemed boring and unremarkable. I dreamed of moving to a big, exciting city like New York or Chicago where real things happened.

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