Media is influence, and quality influence is an invaluable commodity.

More than ever before, electronic communication and social media drive our lives. We live in an era where we are no longer simply consumers of media, but we all play a part in creating the content that shapes society. From the highest paid actors in Hollywood to the youngest adopters of social media, we are constantly creating and developing.

I love the opportunity that this provides. For as long as I can remember, I have had three basic loves: Jesus, technology, and Mountain Dew. One of those three may not be entirely relevant to this conversation, but I believe that the other two are. I am passionate about my faith and want to see this world transformed to be more Christ-centered.

Sadly, “Christian” art and “family-friendly” media have rightfully earned a horrible reputation. From recycled clichés on t-shirts to second-rate music and movie productions, we have lost respect in our world that has a never-ending thirst for creativity. Our influence is definitely diminished—if not gone entirely—in many corners of our culture.

I want to fix that. This site exists to share some of my recent projects with you.

I am young, but I have some quality experience (and a couple degrees, if you’re into that kind of thing). If you have a project I can help with, or just want to share your story with me, I’ll anxiously look forward to hearing from you.

As children of the Creator, may we be the ones who utilize our influence to set industry standards of quality and innovation—creating enriching content that matters.

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